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Portfolio Category: Paintings on Canvas


This is a white horse with bright colours that highlight its muscles. A flaming mane and tail in red, orange and grey.

Acrylic on Canv...


A great dynamic painting of a horse about to rear with the head slightly tilted in readiness for the action!

Sun Horse (Sold)

A portrait of sun yellow horse moving towards the spectator in a blue background.

Available in various print sizes from A4 to A0.


The painting shows a rearing horse with his face in profile and a grand, flaring mane. This lends movement to this classical pose. 


White horse on a mandarin background caught in mid gallop. The background provides context to the mood of the horse.

Available in vari...


This is a portrait painting of an Irish Thoroughbred horse engaging with the viewer. 


This painting captures a vivacious horse in the moment of rearing. 


An equine painting of an Irish thoroughbred horse.


Painting of an Andalusian horse by Yaheya Pasha

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