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Gemini (Print)

In stock

This captivating image showcases a meticulously crafted painting of a horse, exuding a sense of both artistry and realism. Dominated by shades of red in both the foreground and background, the painting captures the viewer’s attention with its vibrant colour palette. The horse, skillfully rendered, stands as the central figure in this composition, illustrating Yaheya’s high proficiency in painting techniques.


The use of red as the dominant colour adds a dramatic flair to the piece, further accentuated by an accent colour that contrasts beautifully, adding depth to the composition. The painting is rich in emotional expression, conveyed through the posture and gaze of the horse.


This piece is not just a representation of an animal; it’s a testament to the Yaheya’s ability to capture the essence of the subject with a compelling mix of realism and artistic interpretation. The meticulous attention to detail in the horse’s form and the choice of colours contribute to a masterpiece that is both a visual delight and a profound statement in the realm of equine art.


This is available in print only and in a range of sizes.  Please contact Yaheya to purchase.

Size: A0, A1, A2, A3, A4


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